CSCD notice of intent for IDEM

Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District, 8377 Cordry Drive, Nineveh, Indiana 46164, is submitting a Notice of Intent to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of our intent to comply with the requirements of 327IAC 15-5 to discharge storm water from construction activities associated with the project titled “Division I – Waterworks Improvements, Water Mains, Booster Station, SCADA System”. The project is comprised of replacement water mains, new booster station and SCADA system. The work will occur along 2.5 miles of Nineveh Road from the Princess Lakes master meter pit to the Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District.

Questions or comments regarding this project should be directed to Lori Young of Curry & Associates, Inc.,  110 Commerce Drive,  Danville, IN 46122 phone 317 745-6995, email (

31950689 3/1, 2017 hspaxlp 17-43