Letter: Strong, conservative women are here to stay

To the editor:

Last Tuesday night President Donald Trump addressed the U.S. Congress and paid tribute to Ryan Owens and his wife, Carryn.

Immediately, the liberals in the Congress and the media attacked Carryn. This is disgusting.

Over the years, attacking women has been a common practice by the left. They called Carryn an ”idiot” or ”prop,” etc., too naïve to realize she was being used.

This is a woman married to a Navy Seal sent to the most dangerous places in the world risking his life for us back home. She’s none of the things they called her. She’s a hero, brave and strong. That’s what I see.

Her husband’s assignments were secret and extremely dangerous. He never asked for or received any public credit, but when the president honors him and his family, his wife is attacked.

Politicians and the media are empowered to do what they do by people like her and her husband. They need to be grateful.

Attacking women is what liberals and the media do. Liberals just don’t like women.

They say Melania Trump can’t speak English and needs an interpreter but say they are supporters of immigration.

They attack Trump’s daughter, a highly successful businesswoman.

Trump campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, mother of four and the only woman to manage a winning presidential campaign — they complain about her looks, the way she talks, her clothes, her makeup, everything and anything.

Get over it, liberals. Strong, powerful, conservative women are here to stay.

Richard Poe, Nashville

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