Letter: Are there really Lions in Brown County?

To the editor:

Yes, it is true. There are Lions in Brown County and they do what they do best: Serve.

The Brown County Lions Club was chartered in 1943, and for 74 years, the members have provided various services and programs to you, the residents of Nashville and Brown County.

Last Tuesday night at a board of directors meeting there was discussion about the Double Value Coupon Card (DVCC) which is the centerpiece of our club fundraising activities. When you, the public, purchase a DVCC from a bank or a Lion member, this act contributes to the club’s charitable programs that encompass grants this year to five graduating high-school seniors ($5,000); eight Brown County organizations ($4,455); and eight state and international projects ($3,300), including Cancer Control, Leader Dog, Speech & Hearing, and the Lions Eye Bank in Indianapolis. The approved grants totaled $12,755. You help make this possible by purchasing a Double Value Coupon Card. The Lions are also very grateful for the merchants who participate in this program that was activated in 1978. Without the merchants there would be no DVCC.

Watch for the following club-sponsored events. Saturday, May 6, the Spring Blossom Parade will be held. This event attracts locals as well as tourists who enjoy the parade and who frequent shops and eateries.

The next event, the Spring Pancake Breakfast, is scheduled for Saturday, May 13, and this brings friends and families together to share good food and conversation. If you haven’t attended in the past, place it on your calendar and join us at the Parkview Church of the Nazarene Family Life Center.

This year the annual fireworks display will be held on Tuesday, July 4, with a rain date scheduled. Last July the fireworks were cancelled because of bad weather with no set rain date. We want all shop owners who contributed to the fireworks last year to know that the funds were held in escrow for 2017. We are extremely grateful for your continued support and look forward to another exciting time this July with family and friends.

And don’t forget the town clean-up team led by John Davis. No “butt” is too small for John and his team to remove from the sidewalk!

The Brown County Lions Club Board of Directors (submitted by Delbert Crocker)

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