Street closures approved for special events

A couple of Nashville streets and parking spots will be blocked this month and next for special events.

Big Woods Brewing Co.’s Rally in the Alley has permission to block Molly’s Lane from Van Buren Street to Honeysuckle Lane Saturday, March 18. The closure will be from noon to 11 p.m. and live music is to end at 9 p.m.

On Saturday, April 22, the Brown County Playhouse has permission to block Honeysuckle Lane and Old Hickory Lane in the area behind the Playhouse in order to get a 75-foot-long tour bus pulling a trailer down Honeysuckle Lane.

The bus will be carrying the band Asleep at the Wheel and its equipment, Nashville Chief Administrator Phyllis Carr said.

The bus will enter Honeysuckle Lane going the wrong way on the one-way alley at Washington Street, Carr said.

When the bus leaves after unloading, it will go out onto West Main Street. But for it to make that turn safely, at least four parking spots near the intersection will be blocked as well.

Local police and volunteers will be out helping, Carr said.

Town shouldering cost of shelved studies

Since the Brown County Regional Sewer District board is not going to take the town’s offer of providing sewer service to the Bean Blossom area, the Nashville Town Council has taken it off the table.

Before the unanimous vote, town council members discussed the amount of money the town spent on a study to determine the rate it would charge the sewer district to treat its wastewater. Council President “Buzz” King said it was about $15,000 when considering the study by HJ Umbaugh and Associates and the lawyer’s time.

King said this wasn’t the first time such a scenario has happened; a study by a different group to bring sewer to Town Hill wasn’t acted upon either.

Council members David Rudd and Arthur Omberg suggested drawing up an agreement — “almost like a prenup” — that would require an entity to pay back the cost of such studies if its ends up not using the town for those services. But the council took no action on that suggestion.

Sewer board member Terri Schultz said the town could have used a different provider to conduct a rate study which would have cost “almost nothing,” but it chose Umbaugh instead. She said the town would need to know that wholesale rate anyway in case it was ever approached for a similar job, so the study wasn’t for naught.

Lighting projects may deter crime in town

Members of the Nashville Parking and Public Facilities Commission are hoping that adding lighting and possibly cameras in public parking lots will help curb vandalism.

Chairman Lamond Martin said the commission is looking at adding lighting in the town-owned Pat Reilly and Washington Street parking lots and some on Pittman House Lane.

Town council President “Buzz” King said a few weeks ago, someone vandalized the dead-end Washington Street parking lot by breaking a lock and chain and knocking over a historic marker that was recently placed.

Martin reported past problems in the Pat Reilly parking lot at the dead-end with Jefferson. Expensive light fixtures there have been bent and broken.

Nashville Police Chief Ben Seastrom said they’ve been looking into placing cameras.

Time to pay dog licenses, business licenses

If you have a dog and live within Nashville town limits, your annual dog license fee is due.

The fee is $5 per year for a spayed or neutered dog or $15 for a dog that has not been “fixed.”

Town rules say that “the owner must also provide certified proof of liability insurance in the amount of $50,000 per occurrence in order to be granted a license.”

If you operate a business in Nashville or plan to any time this year, you must have a business license. Town council President “Buzz” King said that license must be in place on the first day the business operates in 2017.

The only exceptions are exhibitors; charitable, religious or educational organizations; garage sale or yard sale hosts; farm produce sellers; veterans; “commercial agents”; or government officers.

“Business” is defined as “the selling, display for sale of goods, wares, merchandise, food, beverages, or the advertising thereof at retail or wholesale, or provid(ing) entertainment or exhibition for a fee or admission charge.”

Visit Town Hall, 200 Commercial St., for more information on dog or business licenses.