Driver charged with drug, alcohol offenses

An area musician is facing drug and alcohol charges after being pulled over just west of Nashville.William C. Blanchard, 33, was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving Feb. 16, according to a report from Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Southerland.

The officer said Blanchard smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred, eyes were red and balance unsteady. His blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.12, over the limit of 0.08, the report said.

Southerland asked Blanchard if he had been drinking and he said he had been working at Big Woods and had two beers with his dinner earlier, the report said. He had a guitar case in the back seat.

When the officer was in the car, moving the guitar case to the trunk and getting Blanchard’s cellphone as he had asked, the officer said he smelled marijuana.

Another officer reported finding two small bags of marijuana in the center console of the vehicle.

Blanchard was charged Feb. 22 with two alcohol-related misdemeanors and possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.