Woman faces prescription drug charges

A Trafalgar woman was arrested after police reported finding pills in her purse which she could not prove were prescribed to her.

Lisa D. Axsom, 41, was a passenger in a vehicle which didn’t signal at a turn. Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Stargell stopped it on Hornettown Road Feb. 21.

Axsom told police that there had been a death in her family. Stargell reported finding two old prescription pill bottles in her purse which contained jewelry; one also contained two prescription pills. Another officer reported finding a different prescription pill in a pocket of the purse.

Stargell placed Axsom under arrest for not having the prescriptions with her.

In the passenger side door, Stargell reported finding three different types of pills in an over-the-counter medicine bottle. Both Axsom and the driver said the pills were not theirs, but Axsom told the officer that “she would take the fall for the pills because there was no point in both of them getting arrested for them,” the report said. Stargell told her he knew that wasn’t true and he wouldn’t be arresting her for that.

The passenger told Stargell that they looked like pills his wife in Tennessee used to take. Axsom said she had grabbed them out of the medicine cabinet because she thought the bottle was Tylenol or Advil, the report said.

Axsom was charged Feb. 27 with legend drug deception, a Level 6 felony.

As of press time, the driver had not been charged.