Man charged 10 months after heroin discovery

A Nashville man has been charged 10 months after police reported finding heroin on him during a traffic stop.

Baron Wendling, 36, of Orchard Hill Road, was the driver of a truck which state police stopped April 13 on State Road 46 near Green Valley Road.

Police said he was going about 52 mph in a 45 mph zone and was following too closely.

Wendling told police that he and his female passenger were going to her house from Nashville. She told police she needed her work apron. However, police reported seeing the apron in the front seat.

A police K-9 signaled the presence of drugs at the driver’s side door, and officers searched Wendling and the passenger. On Wendling, Trooper Riley Nungester reported finding two cut straws with residue in them and two foil wrappers, one containing a brown, powdery substance believed to be heroin.

The police report said that after being read his rights, Wendling admitted that they had just picked up the heroin, but declined to answer more questions.

Last week, Prosecutor Ted Adams said he could not talk about why charges were not filed until 10 months after the incident. He mentioned a two-year statute of limitations.

The passenger, on whom heroin was also found, was charged last April with possession of a narcotic drug.

She pleaded guilty in September and served two days in jail, and will not have to serve the remainder of her 543-day jail sentence if she stays out of trouble, according to court records.