Man arrested after threatening officers

A Nashville man faces multiple misdemeanor charges after police say he poured a drink on a man and touched his wife at a New Year’s Eve gathering, then threatened to shoot officers.

The probable-cause affidavit by Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Henderson did not specify how the woman was touched.

The complainant told police that his wife said James Kowaliuk, 61, touched her while she sat next to her husband at a local venue, and that Kowaliuk had poured a drink on him.

While officers were on their way, Kowaliuk called 911 and said multiple times that if officers came to his home he would shoot them. Kowaliuk was informed his conversation was being recorded and that he should not make threats. Kowaliuk called the 911 line twice and identified himself, the report said.

Kowaliuk, of Stray Deer Lane, was charged Jan. 20 with intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor; battery, a Class B misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.