Man flown to hospital after crash faces charges

A motorcycle rider who was seriously injured in an October accident on State Road 135 North now faces a felony charge for driving while intoxicated.

Randall M. Pearson, 52, was flown to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital for internal head injuries Oct. 29.

Police stated in an accident report that they smelled alcohol on Pearson’s breath, but were unable to perform any sobriety tests or administer a breath test due to his condition.

Pearson was found face-down in grass on the east side of the road. Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Colton Magner reported Pearson had a pulse and was breathing, but neither vital sign was normal. Magner was not sure if Pearson was wearing a helmet.

A friend who was riding ahead of Pearson reported that the two had been at a Nashville bar and that Pearson had “quite a bit” to drink.

Two witnesses reported that Pearson passed them going between 70 and 100 mph in no-passing zones.

One witness said that when Pearson re-entered the northbound lane after passing, he began to move left to right in the lane before running off the road. Pearson landed in the grass as his motorcycle continued down the road, the report said.

Pearson was charged Jan. 12 with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a Class C misdemeanor; operating a vehicle while intoxicated — endangering a person, a Class A misdemeanor; and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a Class C misdemeanor.

Pearson’s operating a vehicle while intoxicated charge was increased to a Level 6 felony because he had been convicted of the same charge in Johnson County in 2015.