Fight over ex-boyfriend leads to arrest of woman

One woman was arrested at the Nashville CVS Jan. 9 after a manager intervened in a fight in the store.

A police report said the fight between two women was over one of them dating the other’s ex-boyfriend.

The victim told Nashville Police Chief Ben Seastrom that Hannah Lohman, 20, had punched her in the face. Seastrom said she had redness on her left cheek below her left eye.

Lohman had a minor cut below her left eye that was bleeding, but she received treatment from EMS and refused to be taken to the hospital, Seastrom reported.

One of the store managers told Seastrom he was walking through the store and heard two women arguing. He saw both punching each other and broke up the fight with the help of an assistant manager.

Two children were with the group. One told Seastrom she passed Lohman at the front door and Lohman said something to the children as they were leaving, the probable cause affidavit said.

Once in the store, Lohman came across the victim and the two children again. Lohman told one of them to “grow up” and called the victim a vulgar name. Lohman then hit the victim in the face three times before the victim hit her back, the affidavit said.

Lohman told police that one of the juveniles called her another bad name at the front door and that she had filed a police report in the past because of that juvenile threatening her. She said one of the juveniles also was hitting her during the fight.

The victim told Seastrom that Lohman approached her and started “talking crap” before the fight began.

The juveniles were taken home by a family member.

Lohman was charged Jan. 13 with battery, a Class B misdemeanor.