Every Saturday, listeners coast to coast tune into their local National Public Radio station for “Says You,” as panelists of comedians, journalists and other professionals play word games.

On Feb. 3, the national syndicated game show will grace the Brown County Playhouse stage, and locals will have the chance to watch the action.

“The nationwide publicity has been fantastic,” said Playhouse executive director Suzannah Levett Zody.

“It’s impressed people, I think, locally and regionally, that something prestigious like this is coming to the Playhouse.”

“Says You” is broadcast on WFIU 103.7 FM Saturdays at noon. It’s described as “one of the most challenging shows on public radio.”

Categories included “Cryptic Puns,” “Definitions and Derivations,” “What’s the Difference” and “Odd Man Out.”

There are also three bluffing rounds, in which three definitions are given for a mystery word and only one is the actual meaning.

The show’s motto is: “It’s not important to know the answers; it’s only important to like the answers.”

The show will not be broadcast live, but enough material will be taped for two shows. Before the show and during breaks, Indiana University singers and musicians will perform.

“It’s a real different event for us. We’re pushing the envelope, that’s for sure,” Zody said.

Tickets went on sale around Thanksgiving and at the beginning of January, all regular show tickets were sold out.

Only 20 VIP tickets, which include a pre-show reception with the cast, were left, at $77.50 each, Zody said.

To sell out so quickly, especially during a time when business is slow in Nashville, is impressive, Zody said. Usually, it takes about four to six months for all 400 Playhouse event tickets to sell out.

Several years ago, “Says You” hosted a show in Bloomington and wanted to return to the area for another taping but wanted to attract an audience from the Bartholomew County area too, Zody said.

The Playhouse and WFIU already had a good working relationship, Zody said, and the host location “fell on us because we were right in the middle there,” Zody said.

She said 24 percent of ticket-buyers for this show are from Brown County; 66 percent are from Bloomington or Columbus and the rest are from elsewhere in Indiana, within about a two-hour drive.

“So they are coming to Nashville specifically to see this and may shop (and) eat out also,” Zody said.

Brown County residents Judith Stewart and her husband Michael Fulton bought their tickets in mid-December.

“We enjoy listening to the show and think it is wonderful that they are coming to the Playhouse,” Stewart said.

She said she often drives to and from Indianapolis on Saturdays and the show keeps her company on the drive.

“To have such a popular national show, that broadcasts from cities all across the country, come to Brown County is really a treat. I think the Playhouse, with its small, personal atmosphere, is a perfect venue for the show,” she said.

Fulton said he and Stewart are longtime supporters of public broadcasting and bought tickets as an “extra effort” to support WFIU and the Playhouse.

“When they bring something very unique to the community, you should make an effort to support them,” Fulton said. “It will encourage them to bring more.”

Few tickets left

As of last week, about 20 VIP tickets remained for the Feb. 3 taping, all of them $77.50, which includes a pre-show cocktail reception with cast members of “Says You” and premium seats. Visit browncountyplayhouse.org to learn more.

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Suzannah Couch grew up in Brown County, reading the Brown County Democrat. A 2013 Franklin College graduate, she covers business, cops/courts, education and arts/entertainment.