Cordry Sweetwater Volunteer Fire, Ambulance Inc notice of charges


In accordance with 6-6-12-16 and the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Cordry Sweetwater Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Inc. is giving notice to the charges for providing Fire and Ambulance emergency services.

(1) For the initial response with a fire engine, fire truck, or a fire apparatus, including a hazardous material response unit, or a fire rescue unit dispatched on a fire or hazardous material incident, two-hundred-fifty dollars($250.00) per response vehicle except Command/Control Vehicle which is ($100.00) per vehicle.

(2) For each hour or fraction thereof as on-scene assistance, one-hundred-fifty ($150.00) per response unit and fifty dollars ($50.00) per Command/Control vehicle.

(3 For expendable materials such as absorption materials, emulsifiers, or other agents used in cleanup operations, the actual replacement cost of those materials.

(4) For collection of debris, chemicals, fuel, or contaminated materials resulting from a spill, the actual cost of the removal and disposal at an authorized location.

(5) For ambulance runs with transport within assigned response area, three-hundred-fifty dollars ($350.00) plus eight dollars ($8.00) per loaded mile per patient.

(6) For ambulance response for first aid only (no transport) the fee shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per patient.

(7) For expendable materials such as but not limited to oxygen, dressing, cervical collars,, and defibrillation pads, the patient will be charged the replacement costs.

Mike Leavitt (Fire Chief)

Teresa Bennett (Secretary)

31941911 1/11, 18, 2017 hspaxlp 17-010