Lake Lemon Coservancy District annual meeting slated


The Lake Lemon Conservancy District will conduct its Annual Meeting on Wednesday. February 23r”, 2017 at the City of Bloomington Utilities Building, 600 E. Miller Drive Bloomington, Indiana, at 6:00 P.M. Purposes of the Annual Meeting are to review the 2016 accomplishments/business of the District and to discuss future plans for the District.

Meeting will include the election of a Director from Sub-Area I, Sub-Area IV and Sub-Area V. Nominee for Sub-Area 1 is Michael Klitzing (Unopposed). Nominee for Sub-Area IV is Lora Schell (Unopposed). Nominee for Sub-Area V is Les Wadzinski (Unopposed). All candidates will be elected and take the Oath of Office at the Annual Meeting.

Per IC 14-33-17 {Indiana Conservancy Act), the Board of Directors, at the Annual Meeting, will elect Board Officers for 2017.

Adam Casey District Manager

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