County’s medical expenses mount

The Brown County Council has approved moving $320,000 from income tax revenue from previous years to assure the county has enough to pay its healthcare costs through the end of the year.

Between medical expenses and employer premiums, the county has spent about 1.8 million on healthcare this year, said County Auditor Beth Mulry.

Mulry said that from the data she can find, this has been one of the most expensive years for the county medically.

The county is self-insured, which means that it is responsible for the first $50,000 of an employee or other beneficiary’s medical expenses. Once the $50,000 threshold is met, the county’s insurance company reimburses it.

So far in 2016, the county has been reimbursed around $560,000, and additional money could come before the end of the year, Mulry said.