Man admitted smoking heroin

A Brown County man was arrested on drug charges Nov. 2 after an officer watched him stumble out of a public restroom.

Dylan Hadley, 23, of Brand Hollow Road, was coming out of the Mound Street Restroom in downtown Nashville when Nashville Police Officer Kyle Seward started following him. Seward said in a probable-cause affidavit that he knew Hadley to be a user of opium.

Seward said Hadley was unable to walk in a straight line and was “not appearing to be in the right state of mind.” He struggled to get his hands in his pockets to find change for a pop machine and to hold onto the Sprite he bought, Seward said.

Seward approached him at Pittman House Lane and asked if he was OK. He said Hadley told him he was extremely tired because he had just gotten a third-shift job and hadn’t slept yet. He said he was going to a friend’s house on Town Hill Road, and Seward offered a ride.

Before getting in his patrol car, Seward asked Hadley to empty his pockets. He gave the officer consent to search his wallet, and Seward reported finding several pieces of aluminum foil. One of the pieces contained a burnt substance and another a white, powdery substance. Hadley told Seward the substances were heroin, the report said.

Hadley admitted to smoking the heroin and a marijuana joint that morning, the report said. He told the officer he had used heroin for about 10 years.

Hadley was transported to Columbus Regional Hospital due to the high level of drugs in his system, the report said.

He was booked into the Brown County jail Nov. 2 and released on $2,500 bond the next day, according to jail records.

On Nov. 10, he was charged with possession of a narcotic drug, a Level 6 felony, and misdemeanor public intoxication.