PET TAILS: How to ‘catify’ your home purrfectly for a new arrival

So, you’re ready to bring home a new cat or kitten. Congratulations!

If your cat will be an indoor cat, your house will essentially be his entire world.

Here’s how you can “catify” your home to help ensure your happy life together.

Consider where you will keep the litterbox. It should be kept in a low-traffic location out of the way of other pets and children. Keeping the litterbox in the same place all the time will help ensure that your kitty uses it.

Your cat’s food and water dish should be kept in a regular location. If there are other pets or small children around, keeping food and water up off the ground is your best choice.

Many cats love to explore places that are high off the ground. Safe access to windowsills, shelves and furniture can provide exciting places to explore.

Quiet areas can help cats feel safe. Providing your cat with hiding places will keep his anxiety levels down.

One important tool is the scratching post. Available at pet stores, they help cats mark their territory and stretch their muscles. Investing in a few scratching posts will save you from scratched up furniture.

Toys will keep cats from getting bored and destructive. They don’t need to be expensive toys, but you should have at least one toy that you can use to play with your cat. Playtime helps strengthen the bond between cat and owner.

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, so having comfortable, warm spots for them to sleep is essential. You may find your cat napping on your bed. In addition to being comfortable, the bed has the benefit of smelling like you, their favorite person.

If you choose to buy your cat a bed, be sure to choose its location carefully. Pay attention to where he sleeps and try putting it there.

Getting to know your individual kitty’s preferences is the first step in a long, happy relationship. Take a few steps to “catify” your home and you’ll have a happier feline.

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