Letter: Stand with Bean Blossom church on Sunday

To the editor:

My home is in Bean Blossom, and I have young children. I will be attending services this Sunday morning, Nov. 20, at 9:30 a.m. at St. David’s Episcopal Church.

I am not a person of faith. And I may not agree with all that is said or worshiped in this church, but I value deeply living in a country where others are free to disagree with me in nonviolent ways. And I will meet every hate crime and act of domestic terrorism that comes close to my home and my community with overwhelming support for those who have been attacked.

Regardless of your beliefs, if you are also disturbed by the swastika graffiti painted on their walls, and the oppressive concepts that it symbolizes, I encourage you to join me this Sunday.

Together, we can show the people of St. David’s that we as a community respect our individual differences. We can show them, other Hoosiers, and other Americans that we as a community respond to hate crimes by standing together for the freedoms that are the keystone of our country.

This is one way we can make this country great again.

In peace,

Jennifer Tyrrell, Bean Blossom