Clubs can earn money cleaning up after events

Students will now be able to earn money for extracurricular programs if they help clean up after high school events.

The Brown County School Board of Trustees approved the Brown County High School ECA fundraising program Nov. 3.

Extracurricular groups can work with the high school athletics department to sign up for the events. Custodial Supervisor Jim Bond will approve payment for all groups that work events, and Bond or another custodian will check the work before the group is released.

The payment for cleaning up after a varsity football, junior varsity football, freshman football or Brown County Junior High School football game will be $120.

Groups that clean up after a varsity basketball game — when all bleachers are down — will earn $80, and $60 for basketball and volleyball games where half the bleachers are down.

Cleaning up after freshman events and wrestling matches will allow the group to earn $40. Cleaning up after full-day tournaments in the high school’s gymnasium equals $100.