Kids, no more skating on school property

A skateboarder who laid down on the board to roll past buses that were dropping off students in the morning. Another who jumped off the steps of Brown County High School and was almost hit by an administrator.

Those are just two “close calls” Superintendent Laura Hammack told the school board about, and after hearing them, the board decided Nov. 3 to approve a policy restricting skateboards, roller skates, scooters and roller blades at all Brown County schools.

“Whereas the Brown County Schools Board of School Trustees desires to assure the health and safety of all persons on our school campuses and to assure that the school campuses are regulated to accomplish this end, no person shall ride or otherwise operate a skateboard, roller skates, scooter or roller blade on any of the campuses of Brown County Schools,” the policy reads.

Hammack told the board she met with the Nashville Police Department and was told that an officer would refer any student caught skateboarding on campus to an administrator during school hours. If a student is caught riding a skateboard on school campus after hours, that student will receive a ticket, she said.

“It’s a big enough of a deal that we feel like we need to take a strong line on this,” Hammack said of the new policy.