Letter: Trick-or-treat trail volunteers, thank you

To the editor:

The Brown County Community YMCA and Brown County Parks and Recreation would like to pass along a huge, heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped us to make this year’s Trick or Treat on the Trail a success.

It was a beautiful fall evening and over 1,400 people joined us on the trail to celebrate Halloween. Additionally, there were at least 50 volunteers who helped to coordinate each trick-or-treat station, and let’s not forget that over 15,000 pieces of candy were donated by folks in our county and the surrounding areas. We couldn’t have managed this without the help of each of you.

A special thanks to: YMCA members and parks and rec folks who donated thousands of pieces of candy; Commercial Services for their generous donation of candy; Zwanzigz for their generous donation of candy; Sara True and EMA for lighting resources; Access Brown County for shuttling folks back and forth from CVS to the YMCA; Dawn at Nashville’s House of Jerky for spearheading candy donations and our volunteer pitch-in; Brown County Law Enforcement and fire volunteers for keeping everyone safe; Denise, the manager at Family Dollar, for allowing us to put up candy donation signs in the store; and Family Dollar customers who donated over 400 bags of candy.

Thanks also to the many folks who volunteered to host a trick-or-treat station on the trail: Matt and Heather Powell; Betsy and Dennis Parman; Tania Dee Frederick; Nashville McDonald’s — Michael Stieglitz; David Gerchak; Ken Birkemeier; Brian and Darla Fenneman; Ken Umphrey; Mike and Angela Manuel; Dawn and Tanner Oliver; Kay Dougherty and Bob Lehto; Lydia, Sam and Alex Miller; Ann Woods and Bruce Kell; Kara Adams and Michelle Mosley; Rich and Amy Imming; Andy Rudd; Alyssa Besser; Mary Wood and Allison Shauf; Penny Scroggins; Sherry Baker and Miss Olmstead from Bear Hardware; Kathy and Mark Shields Sr.; Mark and Kristi Shields; Aaron and Mary Smith; Robert Barzilauskas and Cathi Barzilauskas; Karen Marshall; CYO Camp Rancho Framasa; Tim and Debbie Kelley; Carole Page; Alan and Carol Birkemeier; Allen Kaloha; Kathy Rondomanski; Cate Walls; Roland, Lisa and Abigail Bowman; Barry and Deborah Herring and Courtney Gosser and friends; Greg and Sharon Wright; Kevin Snyder and family; and 4-H volunteers.

Shelle Hertz, program director, Brown County YMCA

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