Letter: Thanks to all who helped at Deer Run

To the editor:

Brown County Parks and Recreation would like to thank everyone who helped make the first ever Fear Run at Deer Run Haunted Trail a big success. Over 100 people braved the haunted trail. We had 54 volunteers who were kind enough to assist with this fundraiser.

In addition, we would also like to recognize all of the volunteers who helped orchestrate our Falloween Spooktacular event at Deer Run. Without these amazing volunteers, this event would not have been possible.

We would like to sincerely thank all of the following people for their help. A special thanks to Amy Imming, Richard Imming, Jasmine Imming, Logan Imming, Calla Imming, Stephanie Pratt, Kyle Pratt, Robert Sloman, Rob Sloman, Joseph Wade, Andrew Justin, Kathy Clemins, Alicia Clemins, Garrett Justin, Seth Justin, Matthew Justin, Jon Justin, Melanie Jackson, Trinity Jackson, Aaleyiah Jackson, Sebastian Jackson, Lilly Voils, Gene Voils, Debbi Voils, Nathan Lambert, Dawson Lambert, Kacee Lambert, Lauralyn Parrish, Seymour Parrish, Tracy Parrish, Teresa Parrish, Savanna Parrish, Erin Parrish, Kyle Roberson, Brett Cline, Sarah Porritt, John Bise, Jonathan Catt, Fenris Smith, Ian Catt, Terry Lackey, Tyler Morris, Trenton Baldwin, Will Sichting, Jackson Sichting, Emily Sichting, Briana Parrish, Ashley Baker, David Tucker, Tanner Brock, Lesa Moore, John Moore, Jacqueline Eastridge, Trevor Colwell, Melissa and Dennis Stinson, Heather Ford, Matt Stinson and Clara Stanley.


Brown County Parks & Recreation staff (submitted by Mark Shields)

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