Poets corner

One Night Stand


into the room

calling attention to

herself with

too much


too loud



her broad hips

in an ostentatious

public display

leaving little to

the imagination.

Loud, brassy,

garish and gaudy.

Full of herself.

Making impossible

promises she has

no intention of


— Chris Curtin, Nashville

Brown Leaves

The hardest things we do in life are the easy things,

The small things that require a regularity,

A persistence even when no one knows.

And the sweat and the toil

Have some place in us

Even when it seems to be only embraced by the ground.

We survive greater things

Because that is the choice

And we can feel the love of others

And we can once again react to the unknown.

But the unknown never leaves us,

We are perennials

That reach for the sun to the end of the season

And die to be born to another.

— Neil Frederick, Brown County

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