Letter: Keep Brown County Beautiful program

To the editor:

One of the initiatives of Keep Brown County Beautiful is education of both children and adults about how to put litter in its place. This could make Brown County a much better home for all of us and those that visit us yearly. It also makes a safer environment for the wildlife that we share our beautiful county with.

Litter is ugly and it does not give those that visit our beautiful county a good first opinion of who we are or how we feel about our environment and where we live. It is also a detriment to wildlife.

Litter is also expensive. Keep Brown County Beautiful spends thousands of dollars to clean our roads. This money could be used for many other things and we thank those who donate to us to help keep our roads clean.

Keep America Beautiful has a great curriculum for young students. Waste in Place is available for educators to use with students, Scouts or any youth you work with. It would be wonderful for homeschool families and church groups who would like to share how we can put waste in its place!

On Nov. 17, Keep Brown County Beautiful is having an education open house for all educators to have a chance to have hands on with Waste in Place and to have a fun learning experience with Elmo from the Indiana Raptor Center. We will begin at 4 p.m. Elmo will be there at 5 and we will end with resources we have to share and light refreshments.

Please join us to learn and share with your youth! We will be in the lower level of the Brown County Public Library. Call Cathy Paradise at 812-327-9617 for additional information.

Cathy Paradise, Keep Brown County Beautiful

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