Group discussing how to redevelop Helmsburg

HELMSBURG — Residents, county officials and members of the Brown County Redevelopment Commission met at the Brown County Community Church in Helmsburg Oct. 26 to discuss the future of the unincorporated town.

Resident Cindy Steele reported on properties in Helmsburg that are either abandoned or in significant disrepair.

Helmsburg has reached a critical mass of vacant properties, Steele said. She said she is concerned that if someone does not move to buy and rehabilitate some of the properties soon, they could be tied up in lengthy legal proceedings.

Several Helmsburg residents echoed the desire to see development in the area. They also agreed with Steele that they would like to reverse the negative image of Helmsburg they believe has developed.

Leonard Richey, who recently bought the Helmsburg General Store, told the group that he felt it was important to maintain momentum.

The Brown County Redevelopment Commission agreed to continue to meet with residents and try to help promote the community.

The next town hall meeting between Helmsburg residents and the RDC is set for Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Brown County Community Church in Helmsburg.