County health insurance fund looking sickly

Brown County is almost $600,000 over budget on its health insurance costs for 2016, Auditor Beth Mulry told the county council last week.

But that’s not necessarily because of higher claims, Brown County commissioner Diana Biddle said.

Health insurance money was one fund the county borrowed from earlier this year when it needed to balance other funds, Biddle said. Of the $1 million budgeted for insurance claims, $700,000 was moved, she said.

Now, the insurance fund needs it back. Mulry proposed moving $400,000 out of the rainy day fund, but the council decided to table that decision until November until seeing what “reinsurance” money might arrive from the county’s secondary insurer.

The council did approve moving $135,000 from the riverboat gambling state disbursement to shore up the health insurance fund for now.