ELECTION Brown County ballot order

(NOTE: Brown County ballots are the same in all 11 precincts)

Public question

Shall the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended by adding a Section 39 to Article 1 to provide that the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good, subject only to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed by virtue of the authority of the General Assembly to:

(1) promote wildlife conservation and management; and

(2) preserve the future of hunting and fishing?



President and Vice President of the United States

(R) Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence

(D) Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

(L) Gary Johnson and Bill Weld


United States Senator

(R) Todd Young

(D) Evan Bayh

(L) Lucy Brenton


Governor and Lieutenant Governor

(R) Eric Holcomb and Suzanne Crouch

(D) John R. Gregg and Christina Hale

(L) Rex Bell and Karl (K-Tat) Tatgenhorst


Attorney General

(R) Curtis T. Hill Jr.

(D) Lorenzo Arredondo

Superintendent of Public Instruction

(R) Jennifer McCormick

(D) Glenda Ritz

United States Representative

(R) Trey Hollingsworth

(D) Shelli Yoder

(L) Russell Brooksbank


State Senator District 44

(R) Eric A. Koch

(D) Linda Kay Henderson

(L) Darin S. Kinser

State Representative District 65

(R) Chris D. May

(D) Chris Woods

Brown County Recorder

(R) Judith “Judy” Swift

(D) Rhonda Hardin Kelp

Brown County Treasurer

(R) Mary E. Smith

Brown County Surveyor

(D) David K. Harden

Brown County Commissioner District 1

(R) Dave Anderson

(D) James Lowell Oliver

Brown County Commissioner District 3

(R) Jerry Lee Pittman

(D) Patricia “Tricia” Bock

Brown County Council At-Large

(top three vote-getters elected)

(R) David L. Critser

(R) John D. Price

(R) Glenda K. Stogsdill

(D) Jeff Harden

(D) Cindy Steele

Brown County Schools Board Member At-Large

(no more than one in each district elected)

District 1

(nonpartisan) Marlene L. Barnett

(nonpartisan) Tom Jackson

District 2

(nonpartisan) Daniel W. Harden

(nonpartisan) Stephanie Porter Kritzer

District 3

No candidate

Indiana Court of Appeals First District

Shall Judge Edward W. Najam Jr. be retained in office?



Indiana Court of Appeals Fourth District

Shall Judge Patricia A. Riley be retained in office?