Some come down like feathers, floating, fluttering finally finding their way to the forest floor.

Some dart about together here and there like schools of fish in this turbulent sea of air.

Some come hurtling from on high like hordes of miscreants being driven from the heavens.

While others are placid, unhurried, like fenced farm animals moving contentedly around a pasture.

Some come like drunks stumbling out of a tavern, lurching off unsteadily in different directions into the darkness.

Some flee like inmates on a prison break, running pell-mell through the brush and over the creeks to escape unseen pursuers.

Others move off slowly, groping along as if lost in the dusk, unsure where to go next.

And a few refuse to let go at all, like an old man stubbornly clinging to a lost argument.

— Chris Curtin, Nashville

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