Letter: Yoder needs to discuss her vision for the future

To the editor:

I have seen a few letters to the editor from supporters of Shelli Yoder. The letters seem to focus exclusively on tearing down Mrs. Yoder’s opponent, Trey Hollingsworth, instead of discussing her vision for the future. It is unfortunate that this style of campaigning gets so much coverage, but it is even more unfortunate that Mrs. Yoder is able to gloss over the issues.

Voters deserve to know if Mrs. Yoder still wants to expand government control of health care, as she advocated for when she ran in 2012. We should have an honest discussion about whether or not she stands by her 2012 positions that we should raise taxes and the debt ceiling. And in a time where national security is on all of our minds, we should know if she still wants to cut our military.

We are electing someone to represent us, so it shouldn’t be too much to ask that Mrs. Yoder and her supporters spend more time on issues than personal attacks.

Nicole Keesling, Bloomington