Letter: Roadside litter clean-up duty has its surprises

To the editor:

While picking up litter on my adopted road this past weekend, several vehicles passed by. Most of the drivers nodded or waved but one driver of a large, red pickup truck was a little more generous.

After walking east on Green Valley Road and collecting the trash, I reversed directions to head back to my car. And, much to my surprise, I found a large Styrofoam cup. I knew I had just been by there and was puzzled as to how I missed it as the cup was in plain sight. I leaned over to pick it up and discovered it was full of ice!

The only vehicle was the red truck. ‘Just wanted to say thanks to the occupants of the truck. At least you didn’t toss your litter out your window after I had left the area!

Marylin Day, Pine Ridge Road