Letter: Property owners should clean up along highway

To the editor:

What’s going on in my neighborhood? Nothing, absolutely zero.

Weeds so high you can’t see to pull out onto 135. The bridge needs repaired, cleaned and no one wants to take the responsibility.

It could be an entrance to be proud of. Pat says it’s not responsible.

Trash litters 135 South. Jerry Pittman, who is running for county commissioner, owns the corner plot, yet doesn’t see fit to mow. But he can put his election signs up. For sure! His field with its big pile of lime lays unattended.

The woman who owns the cabin house and property there on the curve does nothing. Zero!

These things need to be addressed, but who cares?

Going south on 135, you see trash all along the roadside going south like I just said. McDonald’s cup Styrofoam that will not biodegrade, and I am 82 on Nov. 19 and too old to try to get out and clean up like I used to do.


Barb Hoffman, Brown County