Letter: Many thanks to Dr. Pickel for vision screenings

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, a day the office is usually closed, Dr. Pickel and his staff came in to do visual screens on 113 wiggly, giggly first grade students from Helmsburg, Sprunica and Van Buren elementary schools — all completed between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

It is a state requirement in Indiana for first grade students to complete vision screens using a modified clinical technique. Dr. Pickel, year after year, has graciously provided this valuable service for Brown County Schools.

Dr. Pickel and his staff are very skilled and professional, yet still managed to make this a fun adventure for the students in which they learned more about their vision.

Students who failed the screening were identified so parents could get further visual evaluation.

We are so lucky to have Dr. Pickel and his staff here in Brown County as our local eye-care specialists and volunteers in our community. Many thanks again.

Sherri Rice, RN, Brown County elementary school nurse