Letter: Current county recorder offers her endorsement

To the editor:

I would like to thank the citizens of Brown County for the opportunity to serve as your county recorder for the past eight years.

With Rhonda Kelp as my first deputy and Stephanie Breeden as part time, we have made some major improvements in the office, such as a new computer system updating the technology, being able to take credit and debit payments.

We now have documents back to 1988 online through Doxpop.com. We had all the documents in the office scanned and filmed and they are kept off site. We updated the ordinances and survey records. We have begun to index the older records onto the computer system. Just this year we started being able to e-file some documents online through Simplifile.

My deputy, Rhonda Hardin Kelp, is running for the position of county recorder. I recommend her experience and acknowledgment of the office to continue so there will be a seamless flow of progress, and with my help as her first deputy we will continue to serve the county to the best of our ability.

Sandy Cain, Brown County recorder