Fine Print: Civil court Sept. 30-Oct. 6

New suits filed

Sept. 30

LVNV Funding vs. Heather T. Ward, civil collection

Cach LLC vs. Cynthia Weddle, civil collection

Oct. 3

Cassie Tubbs vs. Travis Tubbs, dissolution of marriage

Auditor of Brown County vs. Gordon and Jean Allen; Michael and Tina Aycock; Bonnie B. Baker; Bonnie B. Baker; Bonnie B. Baker; Bonnie B. Baker; Gerald J. Baumann; James C. Bennett; Judith Kay Benson; Judith Kay Benson; Judith Kay Benson; Judith Kay Benson; Dale H. Biggerstaff; Michael W. Bledsoe; Robert and Linda Bowling/Smith T/I/C; Summer L. Bray; Jerri M. Brolin; George W. Brueggeman; George W. Brueggeman; A.G. and Helen Caldwell; James, Helen and A.G. Caldwell; John and Joyce Carpenter; Bobbie Chadwell; Julie M. Colley; Hayward and William Combs; Bonnie Jean Couch; Randy and Nancy Couch; Mark and Barbara Dehebreard; Marcia Dennis; Charles W. Eppers; Alexandra Fettig; Alexandra Bottoroff Fettig; Alexandria B. Fettig; Earlene B. Fleehearty; Kenneth F. Flodder; John W. Galloway; Lena and Robert George; Thomas and Carolyn Green; Gary P. Hadley; Jack L. Harden; John M. Heeter; Cheryl and David Hess; Don Higginbottom; Carl and Ila Hooker; Milburn Hornback; Steve Huber; Daniel J. Hurley; J. Thompson LLC; Marla J. Jennett; Earl H. Jett; Martha Johnson; Jack W. Justus II; James A. Kowaliuk; James and Charlene Kowaliuk; Bill Kuster; Ruby and Willard Lee; Lisa and Robert Leggins; Frances Lewis; Jon Mark Lindenborg; James W. Louden; James W. Louden; Carol Lucas; Joan Marie Mahoney; Jearlen and Leonard Mayo; Larry Gene Mercer; Thomas Joe Miller; Judith Ann Millikan; Adrian K. Moore; Betty and Dalton Morgan; Dalton Morgan; New Life Apostolic Tabernacle Inc.; Gloria O’Harra; Gloria O’Harra; Gloria J. O’Harra; Gloria J. O’Harra; Donald and Kathy E. Overholser; Ross Papesh; Cynthia M. Parker; Jack D. Peek II; Clover Phillips; Clover Phillips; Dawn Poindexter; Brenda and Ronald Prickett; Ray, Sherma and Scot Pritchard; Laura L. Pulliam; Clara and Tim Rafferty; Clara and Tim Rafferty; Chris and Rhonda Raley; Christopher M. Raley; Jeffrey H. Richardson; Kelly and Matthew Satter; Matthew W. Satter; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Mark A. Sevier; Mark A. Sevier; Mark A. Sevier; Charles Ryan Seward; Charles Ryan Seward; Ladonna D. Sheppard; trustee of Jean K. Shumaker Oats; Earl Thomas Sizemore; Amy and James Sizemore; Pamela Sue Slater; Eileen and Lester Smith; Marvey David Smith; Timothy Ronald Smith; Donald and Sandra Stevens; Kevin and Sherry Strange; Jack Thayer; Jack Thayer; Jack Thayer; Tres Corp.; Jeff and Juanita Tryon/Subject; Unbroken Circle LLC; Unbroken Circle LLC; Unbroken Circle LLC; Unbroken Circle LLC; Robert Van Arsdale; Galen and Jeanie Vanarsdale; Katrina Jo Vollmer; Alvin and Susan Wagler; Michael Lee Weddle; White Seward Trustee Rev. Trust; White Seward Trustee Rev. Trust; Terri Lee Whitesell; Terri Lee Whitesell; Terri Lee Whitesell; David W. Willsey; Hazel Wyatt; Year Sites Tower Holdings LLC; 2016 Brown County tax sale

Petitioner/interested person Old National Wealth Management in the estate of George K. Hutson, unsupervised estate

Oct. 4

Capital One Bank USA N. A. vs. Marcee Robinell, civil collection

Joseph Robertson vs. Charrisse Robertson, dissolution of marriage

Oct. 5

Wendy A. Wroe vs. Peter N. Myma, dissolution of marriage

Oct. 6

Midland Funding LLC vs. Daniel Deckard, civil collection