Nashville man charged with battery

Police say a Nashville man committed battery when he tried to push a woman to the ground at an apartment complex June 6.

A woman told Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Eggebrecht that she had recently bailed out her boyfriend, Justan D. Rowland, 28, from the Johnson County Jail and he had been living with her since. He had been drinking heavily that evening and was getting violent, the report said.

Rowland started yelling at her and the two went outside where he pushed her by the shoulders.

The victim told Eggebrecht she struck Rowland in the face to defend herself. Neighbors also witnessed the incident and one told Rowland to leave. The neighbor and the property manager escorted Rowland from the property only for him to return later and be escorted away again, the affidavit said.

Rowland was charged Aug. 9 with battery, a Class B misdemeanor.