Woman arrested on drug charges

A Bloomington woman was arrested Sept. 22 on drug charges after a traffic stop in the 2600 block of State Road 46 West.

Sara Bailey, 29, was the backseat passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for driving left of center three times and for a license plate that didn’t match vehicle registration.

The driver told Nashville Police Officer Kyle Seward he had recently purchased the vehicle, but he was unable to produce any proof.

A male passenger had an outstanding Kentucky warrant, but he told Seward that the case was closed.

A search of Bailey’s purse yielded a syringe that contained what Bailey said was “probably heroin.” Her purse also had a plastic straw with residue inside that Bailey said she used to snort hydrocodone pills, the probable cause affidavit said.

Bailey told Seward that the syringe belonged to the male passenger and he gave it to her when the driver picked him up, but that the straw did belong to her.

Inside a bag, Seward found a glass pipe with residue inside. Bailey said the pipe was hers, the affidavit said. The bag also contained a used syringe, a pouch with four other used syringes, and a silver tin with heroin inside, the report said.

Both men denied knowing anything illegal was in the vehicle. The male passenger told Seward he had not given the items to Bailey.

Bailey was arrested and booked into the Brown County jail. She was charged Sept. 23 with possession of a narcotic drug, a Level 6 felony, and possession of paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor.