Pet Tails: Shelter animals need your help

In the last few months, the Brown County Humane Society has taken in an overwhelming number of animals, more than we’ve seen in years.

We have kennel space for 20 dogs, and we’re currently housing 32.

There are dogs in the bathroom, the clinic, the laundry room and in the hallway.

In the cat room, wire crates are stacked on top of each other, and some of our healthy cats are being housed in the room reserved for sick cats.

On behalf of the animals, we’re asking for your help.

Help spread the word. Urge your friends, family and colleagues outside of Brown County to visit us for adoption.

Share our adoptable pets on your social media.

Post fliers at your work, church, school or other community location. Create your own or pick one up from the shelter.

Keep your pets safe and secure. Every day we take in lost animals.

Make sure that your pets are wearing collars with identification, and are microchipped, so that we can get them back to you safely and quickly.

If your pet does go missing, call us to report it as soon as possible.

Get your pets fixed. There are so many unwanted animals. Every new puppy or kitten born means an existing animal goes without a home.

If you need to surrender your pet, call us first.

If you’re unable to keep your pet, we might be able to help without taking your pet into the shelter.

Most importantly, if you’re considering a new pet, please adopt.

We’re so grateful to have you on our side.

You’ve always come through for the animals and we know they can count on you again.

Brown County Humane Society

Need help for your pets?

Call SPOT at 812-703-0797 for:

• Getting pets fixed

• Trap-neuter-return services for feral cats

• Getting your dog off a chain

• Warm shelter/straw for outdoor pets

• Temporary pet food assistance

Report your missing pet

Call the shelter at 812-988-7362 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to report your missing pet.