Resident interrupts burglary, detains man until police arrive

JACKSON TWP. — A couple in northern Brown County arrived home to find a broken window and a man inside the house.

The homeowner told police that she and her boyfriend came home to the 9100 block of State Road 135 North at about 5 p.m. Sept. 18 and found the glass on their back door shattered and a brick laying on the deck.

The boyfriend entered the house while she waited outside. When she heard her boyfriend yelling at someone, she ran through the house and out to the front yard, the police report said.

The boyfriend had a man on the ground, later identified as Jeffrey Halcomb, 57, of Travelers Rest, South Carolina. She called 911, the report said.

The boyfriend told police that when he entered the house, he saw the front door closing and Halcomb holding items. When he told Halcomb to drop the items, Halcomb tried to hit him, the report said.

The boyfriend hit Halcomb twice in the face. When he got back up, Halcomb hit him again, the report said. That’s when he held Halcomb on the ground until police arrived.

Halcomb had taken a pair of pants, cheese from the refrigerator, coins and marijuana from the home. Halcomb turned the marijuana over to Indiana State Trooper Chris Griggs, the report said.

An ambulance was called to check on Halcomb’s injuries.

Halcomb had a warrant out of California for burglary and was on supervised release and federal parole, Griggs reported.

Griggs collected a grinder, rolling papers and a smoking device from Halcomb, the report said; the smoking device did not belong to the homeowners.

Halcomb was treated at Columbus Regional Hospital and taken to the Brown County jail. He told Griggs he had hitchhiked from Flat Rock that morning before getting out of the car at Hornettown Road.

He admitted to breaking the window and stealing the items mentioned, along with a Crown Royal bag, the report said.

He was charged Sept. 20 with burglary, a Level 4 felony.