Cyclist injured after collision with turtle

A Brown County bicyclist was flown to a hospital in Indianapolis after an accident on Four Mile Ridge Road Sept. 1.

At around 11 a.m., police responded to the 7000 block of Four Mile Ridge Road on a report of a bicycle rider found in a ditch.

A helicopter landed on State Road 46 to fly the rider, James “Denny” Kubal, 68, of Nashville, to Methodist Hospital.

Kubal lost part of one finger in the accident, according to a report by Lt. Mike Moore with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

In an email to friends, Kubal said a turtle was to blame. He wrote that a turtle about 12 inches in diameter was found dead at the scene.

Kubal said the turtle’s shell was cracked in the shape of a bike tire on one side and Moore found a piece of rubber in its shell.

He said his bike was not damaged and that he did not remember what caused the accident.