Letter: Jealousy is indication of a larger problem

To the editor:

This is a response to the article titled “Shooter fired until gun was empty” in the Brown County Democrat.

The article tells of a man who allegedly attempted to murder his girlfriend, who he suspected was seeing another man.

A similar event took place in my sister’s neighborhood in New Albany a few years back, the difference being that the man suspected of the crime shot and killed the man he thought was seeing his girlfriend.

Some understanding of this event can be gleaned from considering jealousy, the seed of which is a lack of love and can only lead to destruction. Jealousy is a great weakness in a man.

A man’s jealousy displays his inadequacy, which is given form by the weak perspective of the victim mentality. Indeed, to be able to look past shame and see a strength that would prevent dangerous emotions like jealousy is a lesson that should have been instilled in childhood.

Yet, some men can be seen as not having had this education — men who in many ways remain boys, who have no natural inclination to share.

This type of man still thinks of the people he deems close to him as possessions, whose existence is determined largely by their ability to gratify certain needs and wants that he cannot control.

So to the same type of men — I use the term loosely — who would even think about doing violence inspired by a sense of jealousy, ponder these things: there is no woman who in her heart wants an (expletive) for a lover or a husband, and she can barely stand up for a man who cannot control his emotions without considering his mannerisms as boyish.

And remember one more thing, you victims of the play of life: There are plenty of other women out there you may have, should you find that the one you are with, because of her lack of control and understanding, is as wretched and untrustworthy as you are.

Become a good man and a strong man, for this is what the world truly wants. Do this, and stop being a part of a problem which undermines the confidence men and women should have in each other, a problem that may lead to injury or death.

John Douglas, Nashville

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