Driver injured after swerving to avoid collision

A Nashville man was injured after he swerved to avoid a collision with another vehicle on State Road 46 East Saturday.

Joshua L. Perez, 29, was driving east on State Road 46 near Nelson Ridge Road when he approached a line of vehicles turning left onto Nelson Ridge, an accident report by Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Stargell states.

Perez told police he noticed a red Chevrolet Silverado with tinted windows passing the eastbound traffic in a no-passing zone and it ran a westbound motorcycle off the road.

While passing the eastbound traffic and approaching the stopped traffic waiting to turn, the driver of the Silverado “erratically jerked the wheel” to get back in the lane, causing Perez to run off the road, the report said.

Perez planned to ride the ditch, but hit a pile of rock and his 1978 Chevrolet C20 truck slid on its side for about 10 feet, the report said.

Perez complained of right leg pain, but refused treatment after being checked out by Columbus Regional Hospital EMS workers. The report said he had an abrasion on his right thigh and would be bruised. He was not wearing a seat belt.

The driver of the Silverado was not named on the police report.