Police: Reports of second shooting, stabbing false

Local police were busy the evening of Sept. 6, but not quite as busy as the rumor mill said they were.

That evening, several officers were out on Old Settlers Road responding to a report of an active shooter which ended up being a violent clash between two brothers. Both were transported to hospitals and one of them is in jail on an attempted murder charge. (Read more about that case here, and we’re working on an update for the Sept. 14 paper.)

The same evening, a call came into dispatch from a man on Fruitdale Drive who believed he had been shot.

Morgantown Town Marshal Jeff Deckard said the caller, Robert Scott, 34, had fled from police after they tried to pick him up on Poplar Street in Morgantown on a warrant for failure to pay child support.

A stun gun was deployed on Scott, but only one probe made contact with his skin while the other was buried in his clothing.

ā€œIā€™m not sure if he received any charge from that,ā€ Deckard said.

Scott fled on foot from police and eventually made his way to a home on Fruitdale Drive where he called dispatch to report he had been shot.

When officers arrived, they learned the Morgantown Police were looking for Scott and he was taken to the Morgan County jail, Deckard said.

The same evening, Nashville Police officers responded to a domestic verbal situation in the 2600 block of Valley Branch Road.

It was originally reported as someone with a knife wound. When police arrived, they found that a woman had accidentally cut her hand when she reached into a box for a cooking knife, Sheriff Scott Southerland said.

Police and EMS were at the Valley Branch Road home for about an hour, according to dispatch records.