Man charged with armed robbery in auto theft

A Columbus man was charged last week with two felonies, including armed robbery, for an auto theft case in July in Brown County

On July 18, the victim told Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Shrader that he was driving by Donner Park in downtown Columbus when a tattooed man on a bicycle pulled up next to his truck at an intersection.

The tattooed man, Adam McCollum, 32, offered the driver a sexual favor. The driver picked McCollum up and he put his bicycle in the back of the 1998 S-10.

The two drove west of Columbus to Bellsville Pike. When the driver turned onto Whitehorse Road, McCollum told him to pull over so he could finish the sexual act.

Both men exited the vehicle and the victim took his pants off. Then, McCollum came around vehicle holding a knife and demanded that the driver take all his clothing off.

The victim complied, and at one point McCollum lunged at him with the knife, the report said.

McCollum took the victim’s clothing and his wallet and took off in the truck, which also had his cellphone and work ID inside, the report said. The man was left naked on the side of the road.

At about 10:30 a.m. July 18, the victim told Shrader someone was texting his family using his cellphone.

Shrader mapped McCollum’s movements using GPS coordinates from the phone. They corresponded to a trailer park in Columbus and then moved to the Greenwood exit off Interstate 65, the report said.

With the help of social media, Shrader and Sheriff Scott Southerland identified McCollum by using a cellphone number that had received calls and texts from the victim’s phone.

Police found McCollum on the corner of 17th Street and Union streets in Columbus July 29. When officers pulled up, McCollum handed his wife a cellphone and she walked away with it. Police were not able to recover it.

McCollum told Shrader he had been in the area of Donner Park about three hours before the victim reported seeing him, but he said he had gone home to bed.

On Aug. 30, McCollum was charged with armed robbery, a Level 3 felony; auto theft, a Level 6 felony; and intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor.