Author Q&A: Technical writer ventures into fiction

Six old witches are accused of murdering a man at their favorite casino — until some quirky Brown County citizens step in to uncover what really happened.

“Drop Dead Casino: Ginger the First” is Constance R. Pottenger’s new book.

She’s collaborated and edited books for other people and written “a lot of boring technical and business stuff,” but this is her first novel.

Her father inspired her to write it.

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“After 30 years of nagging, he finally let me publish his life story,” she said. “After several years of editing and publishing other people’s stories, he asked me when I was going to write my own. So I adventured into fiction.”

Describing herself as the “world’s worst housewife,” Pottenger said her day jobs include writing business and marketing plans that focus on customer satisfaction. She also edits websites for grammar, spelling, content and keyword search engine optimization.

“Drop Dead Casino” is a self-published book. She said she’s fascinated with the model of self-publishing and printing on demand.

“You can buy one book or thousands,” she said.

“The greatest joy is watching your dad opening a copy of his book, ‘Dear Old Dad – My Story.’”

Q: What are your connections to Brown County?

A: We have lived here since 1989. Connections include lousy internet and cellphone service.

Q: What’s your writing ritual? In what environment do you work best?

A: Ritual is pure geek, obsessive compulsive, including multi-tasking several documents at a time. Environment is the sound of absolute silence.

Q: What’s the last book you read? Do you have a favorite?

A: I just finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s last book for the third time. I rarely read any book more than once. Her style just captures me and makes me want more. I’ll pretty much read any author once. I am attracted to a range from cultural anthropology to high technology.

Q: Where can people buy this book, and for how much?

A: It is available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others included in Google Search. I am hoping there are still copies at the Fallen Leaf Bookstore in Nashville. It is also available at the Backyard Greenhouse in Fruitdale. Janet Stout is credited for the best drawings ever. Price is whatever retailers decide it is worth — around $14.95. I can get them direct for a lot less — $10.

Q: Do you have any book signings or related events planned?

Not at this time, but always ready to go. The books I sell direct are all signed with bookmarks.