Letter: Puzzled about rose bushes being pressing problem

Editor’s note: Tricia Bock copied The Democrat on this response to a Town of Nashville letter.

To the editor:

I am receipt of a letter of Aug. 18, 2016, regarding my rose bushes, which lists the usual notice of “complaints” although these person’s names have been unknown and unavailable to me every time in the past I have called.

As a little history, for members of the council who do not know it, the sidewalk in front of my home goes only in front of my home. It does not continue down the street towards town, nor does it serve any purpose other than to impede my ability to park in my yard when town is busy.

Another result of its installation is that it narrowed the road to the point of impassibility, resulting in the removal of two parking spaces. Even with the spaces removed, the road is very narrow, which I would think would be more of a “safe clearance” issue for tourists than a rose bush.

Having said this, the rose bushes were planted prior to the “sidewalk to nowhere,” as I refer to it, and are now on the edge of said sidewalk. They are also in the area that technically belongs to the town. I have my property corner marked.

Since I have no desire to continue to receive letters that take time, stamps and council time, I am requesting that you have your crew come and remove the roses. I do not know how many times this has been addressed in council, now or in the past, but it is a frivolous thing to discuss when there are so many other issues pressing in our town.

So remove the roses, and no more will be spoken of it. I will do a planting on my property that will not impede the tourists’ ability to stroll the short walk in front of my home.

I would also like to address in this letter my own complaint, which is that of lawn mowing at 7-7:30 in the morning by a neighbor’s family members. I consider this a disruption of the peace, covered by town ordinance 92.15 (H). I think there should be an ordinance (as there used to be) regarding “quiet hours” in the town. I am certain the tourists you entice here do not want to be awakened by a lawn mower, nor do I.

Other town residents concur on this point, and I think you would have public support, if this is important to you, if an ordinance on quiet hours were created for people who live in town. There are few of us, but I think we are owed a certain quality of life that does not include lawn mowing at 7 a.m.

Please feel free to contact me by mail if there are any questions or concerns regarding this letter, roses, or neighbors who mow at seven in the morning.


Tricia Bock, South Johnson Street

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