Letter: Why can’t taxpayers decide on fire territory?

To the editor:

I am writing in reference to an article on June 29, 2016, titled “Firefighter proposal takes step forward” and an article on July 20, 2016 titled “Plan for fire territory backed” which are discussing a fire territory for Washington Township and would include the town of Nashville.

I was against the countywide fire district that was submitted a few years back. The way I understand setting up a countywide fire district under the Indiana Code, the fire departments would be fortunate to receive even half of the tax money collected.

Under the Indiana Code, a fire district can have a manager, a secretary and board members and possibly an attorney on a retainer. These can all be paid positions.

Would a township-wide fire territory be set up much different? Probably there would be the cost of maintaining an office and other unforeseen expenses.

Also, it is mentioned more than once that possibly your insurance rate would go down and help offset any additional taxes. Did you catch the word “possibly”? I had checked with an insurance agent awhile back and was told that there are many different factors that go into determining your fire rate on a homeowner’s insurance policy.

I think the democratic way of the township people being burdened with yet another tax is to have it on the election ballot after there has been much public input on the matter.

America was built upon the idea that everyone have a voice in the government. As time moves on, the voice of the common ordinary citizen is being ignored more and more from local government all the way up to the federal government.

Let us get back to the roots that made America strong and let the people of the township have a say.

Thank you,

Darrell L. Kent, Brown County