Victim: Dispute over tomato patch started fight

A Nashville man was arrested after he punched a man in the face and threw an alcohol bottle at his vehicle.

On Aug. 10, Brown County sheriff’s deputies were called to Stray Deer Lane on a report of a man reported being assaulted by James D. Warner, 46.

The victim said he and Warner had gotten into an argument about how poorly Warner had been performing at work. Deputy Austin Schonfeld noted a small gash on the victim’s nose; he said Warner had punched him, and thrown a whiskey bottle at his vehicle.

Warner told police that he and the victim were arguing about a tomato patch.

When ordered to come down off the porch he was standing on to be arrested, Warner started to go back inside a trailer and said he would go when he was done eating.

Deputies followed him in. After a struggle, Warner was detained, but would not stand up to walk toward the police vehicle, forcing his weight against the deputies and causing them to drag him, the affidavit said.

While at the jail, Warner refused to leave the police vehicle, telling Schonfeld he was thinking and “could only do one thing at once,” the affidavit said.

While being booked in, Warner yelled repeatedly, went limp and had to be placed into a restraint chair and eventually a padded cell, the affidavit said.

He was charged Aug. 11 with battery resulting in bodily injury and resisting law enforcement, both Class A misdemeanors; and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.