Letter: Writer questions focuses of public attention, resources

To the editor:

Hey everybody. How are the booze and cigarettes? Hopefully all of your loops of Henle and alveoli suffer like Pakistani children in Gaza or kids on Prospect.

This end of summer, rain is like droplets of sunbeams and clouds are like pillows for the oxygen molecules I want in my lungs.

Sometimes I think I am sweating new liberal voters from my pores while I do pull-ups or make bread.

Do you think they’ll have the opportunity to go to jail for cannabis before they die? I hope not. You can either be a part of the solution or the problem.

What do you all think of the election? Do you all understand the economics of prohibition?

The short version is that making pot illegal does more to hurt society than any harm associated with use could create. Case in point is the extreme amount of money spent on criminal justice rather than education.

Is this the world you looked forward to as children?

I hope to hear the sound of recycled biodegradable multi-genre musicals on YouTube before my time here with you all expires. We all have such limited time.

Did you know there are four principles of quantum mechanics? They are entanglement, exclusion, confinement and superposition.

I think Jack Thorne should run for UK prime minister.

Best of luck, USA, in Olympic games.

I read that Jesus is a myth created by Flavius Josephus after he convinced Jewish generals to suicide themselves. Which is pertinent to those of you who think we should be stewards of the planet but not stop climate change, algal blooms or wealth centralization. Study ice cores.

I think of you all often, and I hope for the best for our community and planet.

See you on YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram.

My profound gratitude to The Democrat for publishing my letter to the editor.

Larry E. “Levi” Voils III, Brown County

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