Man arrested on intimidation charge

A Carmel Ridge Road man was arrested after police say he made a gun-like motion at another man at a local bank.

Brown County sheriff’s deputies and Nashville police were called to a bank on Commercial Street July 26 for a verbal fight that became physical. Lt. Mike Moore was first on scene and separated the men, the report said.

Bank employees told officers that a man and a woman entered the bank to conduct business. The woman received a phone call that caused the man to become nervous and check the parking lot.

William Bryant, 49, arrived and began yelling at the man, telling him to stay away from the woman, the report said. Witnesses said the woman yelled at Bryant to leave the bank.

Bryant told the man he would be waiting for him outside.

Once outside, Bryant pushed the man against the door and yelled at him, the report said.

Bryant told police he was upset and believed the woman was cheating on him with the other man.

Police told everyone to go home. The man and bank staff told police that as Bryant left, he made a gun gesture with his fingers at the man.

Police went to Bryant’s home on Carmel Ridge Road to arrest him. A young man there attempted to hide everyone else and told police Bryant was not home, the report said.

Police found Bryant climbing out of a first-story window on the back side of the house.

On Aug. 5, Bryant was charged with intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor.