Video and photos: Brown County deputy suffers minor injuries assisting with high-speed chase

EDINBURGH — A Brown County deputy was injured as he assisted police during a high-speed chase through Bartholomew and Brown counties.

Josh Stargell was injured and treated at Columbus Regional Hospital after he fell when sliding down the hill to reach the car after it stopped, Edinburgh Police Chief David Mann said.

Three Tennessee residents and a 17-year-old juvenile were arrested after a chase that began at the Edinburgh Premium Outlets where the individuals were accused of shoplifting purses from the Michael Kors Outlet.

Edinburgh Police Officers Robert Crocker and Aaron Robinson were sent to the Kors store at about 8:15 p.m. Thursday where four individuals were accused of taking 30 to 40 purses and fleeing in a red Toyota Camry with Tennessee plates.

Robinson attempted to stop the vehicle, but the Camry left at a high speed from the mall. Bartholomew County Sheriff’s deputies, Columbus police, Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Brown County deputies along with Nashville police helped in the chase.

Police used stop sticks and other methods to try to stop the car, said Edinburgh Police Chief David Mann.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s deputy Terry Holderness was injured and treated at Columbus Regional Hospital when the Camry collided with his vehicle. The Camry later struck another vehicle at State road 135 and State Road 46 where the vehicle went over a steep embankment and stopped, Mann said.

The driver, Juwan Williams, 23, Nashville, Tenn., was arrested on charges of theft, resisting law enforcement and corrupt business influence. Also arrested on the same charges were a 17-year-old juvenile from Memphis, Tenn., Benji Amos, 23, Nashville, Tenn. and Tiara Moore, 20, Nashville Tenn., Mann said.