Letter: ‘Proud to call Brown County home’

To the editor:

On Saturday, July 9 we had a family reunion in Brown County State Park. I had family coming in from many places in Indiana, as well as out of state. Most of the out-of-state people were coming to Brown County for the first time. Because of one man’s act of kindness, they are coming back.

One family was traveling along State Road 46 near Gnaw Bone when they experienced car trouble. Many of you have had the same experience, car trouble out of town. It has happened to most of us. By the time you found a mechanic (if you can on a Saturday afternoon) you’re going to be paying a handsome penny to get your vehicle repaired.

But not if you are in Brown County and Charlie Wright shows up.

Most of you know Charlie. He owns Wright’s Auto Shop in Gnaw Bone. Charlie was on his way to his own family reunion when he came across my relatives, stranded on the side of the road. Being the outstanding individual Charlie is, he stopped to help. By helping, I mean Charlie took his time to fix the car. After fixing the car, my relatives could not believe what happened next. The fee was so low they felt it was a gift.

I am proud to live in a community where so many good and decent people live. It is my opinion, however, none more than Charlie Wright. God bless you, Charlie!

Ken Wendling, Nashville

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